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Brev fra Iraesha Chanthamali

Miss. H. W. Iresha Chanthamali, som har deltatt på sømkurs skriver til oss:

To the President KPMCC.


In 2011 I H.W.Iraesha Chanthamali followed the tailor course at KPMCC. My family consist of Father , Mother and four sisters all together seven persons. Due to storke my father paralysis unable to do any work and staying at home.


So I decided to joint KPMCC and to learn tailor course. Due to my family situation I was unable to purchase any cloths materials for my tailor course. KPMCC provide the necessary materials with out any charges. This helped me a lot.


After completing the course I joint the garments factory at Thampalagamam and working for the last five years. Now I am getting monthly salary of 35,000/-. Form this money I am able to look after my family. With out any difficulty. 



I thank KPMCC for giving me this tailor course training with out any charges. By this training I was able to get this job. So I thank the President and the Norway peoples for giving this help and I request this helps should continue with out any interruption. By this the youths like me will be able to get the benefits.

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